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Radon Testing

MW Radon can provide radon testing for both residential and commercial buildings. While you may think a DIY radon testing kit can save a few dollars, investing in MW Radon's professional radon testing services will guarantee you get accurate results in a timely manner.


We use calibrated and certified equipment to test for radon. You will get both printed and digital results from your test. Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or real estate agent, call today to learn more how we can help you.

Testing Your Home For Radon

Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation

You've had radon testing done on your home or business and radon was indeed found. The next best thing to do is have MW Radon come and install a radon mitigation system. Based on your radon measurement results, we'll install a mitigation system and plan that best suites your home or business' needs.

After the system is installed, MW Radon will then do a follow-up measurement to determine whether mitigation was successful using the best available materials and workmanship. We will make proper adjustments if needed and guarantee results that will achieve EPA-recommended radon levels.  

Radon Maintenance

In addition to radon testing and mitigation, MW Radon also provides maintenance and repair for existing radon fans and mitigation systems. This includes inspection and replacement if needed. Call today to schedule an appointment to service your radon fan or mitigation system.

Radon Maintenance
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